Accident Prevention

Premises Design and Maintenance

Product Design, Development, Manufacturing, Safety Testing, and Certification

30 Years of Standards- and Regulations-Driven Experience in Applying Safety Engineering Methods

Comprehensive Forensic and Safety Engineering Support to Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys


Gomer Consulting Group (GCG) is a multidisciplinary association of experienced engineering professionals, applying proven methods in litigation and business services. The company was founded by Dr. Frank Gomer, and he provides comprehensive forensic, safety, and human factors engineering support to plaintiff and defense attorneys and their clients throughout the United States. Dr. Gomer has more than 30 years of regulations- and standards-driven experience in applying proven safety and human factors engineering methods to:

  • personal injury and wrongful death cases
  • product design, development, manufacturing, safety testing, and certification
  • premises design and maintenance
  • accident prevention.

Time For An Expert Witness

Does your case require an engineering analysis that carefully considers safety codes, regulations, and standards?  Does your case require an effective explanation of complex technical facts to the jury?

Providing a Sound Basis for Expert Opinions

Do you want expert opinions that are linked to objective safety codes, regulations, and standards?   Is it important that your expert has been qualified in federal and state courts for more than 30 years and has not been excluded from testifying?