Attorneys cannot doubt their choice of expert witness during crucial deposition and trial phases of a case.  Dr. Gomer is a litigation-hardened engineer, with more than 30 years of experience as an expert witness.  Dr. Gomer provides independent, objective analyses, and he renders expert opinions based on engineering data and accepted safety regulations, codes, and standards.  Engineering aspects of personal injury and wrongful death cases have included:

  • accident reconstruction
  • reasonableness of product design, manufacturing, and maintenance
  • adequacy of premises design, construction, and maintenance
  • adequacy of safety-related training, instructions, warnings, and Material Safety Data Sheets
  • enforcement and effectiveness of engineering controls and safeguards
  • comprehensiveness of foreseeability analyses
  • risk vs. utility in product design
  • the role of human vision and decision-making in accident causation.

The forensic experts within our network are skilled in their respective technical areas, yet they also understand the needs of busy trial attorneys. They know how to educate the court on the facts in difficult technical cases, beginning with fundamental facility, product, and workplace compliance with national building codes; federal accessibility requirements; mandatory safety regulations (such as those promulgated by OSHA, CPSC, DOT, and FDA; and national safety standards (such as ANSI, ISO, SAE, ASTM, UL, and ASME).

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