Business Services

Dr. Gomer assists clients in evaluating new products. He also evaluates new equipment system solutions for businesses, by examining productivity gains, increased system availability, and improvements in safety and ease of use. A particular focus of his work in this area has been the application of proven systems engineering and human factors engineering principles in equipment and job design.  He has worked with the electric power generation companies to improve plant and equipment safety practices.  He has worked with the American Postal Workers Union and the U.S. Postal Service to design and redesign computer-based, mail processing systems, as well as to implement OSHA-mandated medical monitoring and safety practices.  He has worked with Interpipe Equipment Co. to improve product development and manufacturing methods associated with custom water and oil and lubrication trucks.  He has worked with Milacron Corp. and Mazak Co. to improve safeguarding methods, safety instructions, and warnings for machining centers. He has worked with Terex Corp. to improve warnings for mining equipment. He also has worked with Famous-Barr, a division of the May Department Stores, to improve merchandise display methods and retail store safety.

Dr. Gomer has provided safety engineering analyses for pump, valve, turbine, boiler, condenser, thermocouple, evaporator, and compressor manufacturers, examining whether health risks are linked to encapsulated asbestos-containing components and to asbestos thermal insulation applied to the exterior surfaces of equipment by end-users of these products. 

Dr. Gomer was selected by the U.S. Justice Department to conduct a large-scale, historical review of design requirements for warning labels. As part of this contracted program with the Justice Department, he evaluated the effectiveness of warning labels to modify unsafe behavior in the workplace.

By building upon his engineering and operations experience as a member of the senior management teams at Honeywell and the Network Connection, Dr. Gomer has assisted clients in developing strategic business and product plans, in assessing the viability of acquisition and merger candidates, and in developing company integration, restructuring, and turnaround plans.